Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I love converse,  I think I got a bit too obsessed with them at one point, that I got over them. But now I can't stop wearing them again....

I think there are three stages to the life of a Pair of converse;
1. Brand new - AKA the awkward shiny brand new looking stage, were you just want to stomp on them to get that worn in look.
2. The stage were your so in love with you worn out looking shoes, a bit dirty and ripped but who cares it gives them character.
3. Sage three, the soles are barley there any more, its like your bare footed there are holes in them and they are filthy, but you keep telling yourself that it builds character just to avoid throwing them away. Then the inevitable happens... the death of your converse.  
Twilight Cast
Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stuart
Jessica Hart

Whitney Port

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