Saturday, 19 November 2011

Time wasting Websites;

 Apart from the obvious, being, and, these are my most visited websites; 
The title of this website says it all; But I love it, you'll be hooked straight away.
I first time I read about this website was on facebook, but resisted the temptation to visit it, cause i was far to busy to waste time. But after a while my curiosity got the best of me and now I am hooked.  I warn you, if you get addicted easily, then don't dare go onto this website, you get hooked and after a 20 pages or so you will realize how much time you have wasted. But on the upside it keeps you occupied and entertained.
I waste do much time   and
I'm addicted to TV and movies, these are my go to sites when i need to know whats on or to check  on the latest news about my favorite shows or new shows that might be starting.
I waste so much time on this website, it's my default homepage for Firefox, and I'm sucked into any article on the front page and end up being linked from one page to the other.  

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