Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cracked, Crackle, Whatever...

Well I love this cracked look. Its so easy to do and maintain. You do not need to apply it perfectly and if a little chips off it doesn't really matter. (low maintenance) What else could you ask for?

This nail polish can be found in a lot of different colors, but the best part is you can use any base color that you want, just mix and mash or clash if that's what your into.  I am a tad bit boring and went with the conventional classic black and white and you know what I love it, its my go to quick fix nail polish.

How to get this look:
  1. Apply base coat, let dry.
  2. Apply color coat, let dry.
  3. Apply crackle nail polish, let dry.
  4. Apply top coat to seal, and for longer duration, let dry
  5. Enjoy...
Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nail Lacquer 470 Snow Motion
New Look Limited Edition Crackle in Black

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