Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Darn WrinkleS.

I'm 20, and I hate forehead wrinkles,  I've tried so many different products but never any results. That's what you get from sun-backing in you youths, but not any more I've have become very conscience about my skin. I have gone through so many products that I have lost count. I believe that prevention is better the cure when it comes to wrinkles.  When it came to my forehead wrinkles I was a bit late, I was obsessed with getting rid of them, nothing would work. There are not that many anti aging creams for 20 year old, the ranges usually start from 30 years old.
I try to use the closest range to my age, at first I would occasionally use my mothers products, and soon bought my own. Ive used my fair share of different products, some gave me pimples, some weren't effective, or dried out my skin.  I'm currently loving  Youth Code by L'Oreal Paris it's for the +30 age.

Youth Code Range

At first I used the Day, night and eye creams. Later on I bought the Youth Code Super-Concentrated Serum, it is by far the best product that I have ever bought.  After using this serum along with the day and night cream, my forehead wrinkles have almost completely disappeared. If there is one product I would recommend you buying it would be a serum. 
Serums are more concentrated then cream and yet so light.  It is absorbed so quick and you skin feels soft and does not leave that oily forehead that some rich creams tend to. 


I would love to try the Lancome Genifique serum but it is a bit pricey so for now I will stick to my Youth Code Serum as it does provide results.

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