Saturday, 15 October 2011

Whats in my bag.

As seen on fellow blogger's this is what's in my bag. Don't be shocked I am addicted to putting things in my bag. I must have everything with me. I like looking in my bag and just finding what I am looking for, even thought it might take forever. You' ll see  just take a look at the state of my bag. 

Yes, I have not emptied my bag in a while now even after coming back from on holiday but that does not give me the excuse for this mess. This is everything in my bag, well almost everything, i got rid of the papers, wrappers, receipts and other junk (ow and a smelly sock.... oops ) . I can't seem to figure out what to take out. Okay maybe  I don't need that many lipsticks but hey I like the choice.  After weighing down the Pro's and Con's , ( one of the main Con's being the weight) of my mess I still choose to carry it around.

I don't like changing my bag that often cause of the hassle of putting all my stuff in. I am thinking of investing in one of those handbag organizers. It would make it easier to change from one bag to another and easier to find things in my bag. I've recently had to upgrade my bag because I didn't have enough room, what a perfect excuse for shopping right, not that I need one.

Let me know if yours is as messy as mine so I don't feel to guilty.

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